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Can concrete flooring be put over ceramic tiles in kitchen and bathrooms and how do you clean it?

If you have an existing concrete slab you can certainly remove the existing floor tiles and then Mechanically Polish the concrete slab.

Please refer to the Warehouse Finish section on our website.

It's not usually possible to pour a new concrete slab over existing flooring or if you are on stumps as the concrete slab to be polished should typically be a minimum of 100mm thick.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

We have a garage with a maroon type colour concrete floor. It has a few paint stains etc on it. I was thinking of giving it a good sanding, with some type of machine no doubt & then painting some kind of clear sealer on it. Can any concrete floor be sande

Yes, any concrete floor can be ground and sealed or mechanically polished.

Please refer to the Warehouse Exposure section on the website

Do you have any tips about seeding a slab with pieces of glass and/or bottles?

Smooth objects and/or objects that sit on the top of a slab might become dislodged from a polished floor leaving a hole.

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I have polished floors in my home which is now 9 years old. I would love to buff my floor up to give it back it's shine and get rid of some scratches etc. Do you do ths type of work?

We certainly do perform this type of work however your question raises several important other questions and considerations.

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