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CCC Random Exposure

RANDOM EXPOSURE - for new slabs (We grind off 1 – 3mm)

RANDOM EXPOSURE really puts a concrete slab to the test.

Random Exposure, as displayed on the walkway at our Showroom entrance, is a patchy exposure of aggregate that many people find appealing. It is a combination of very little exposure, almost salt and pepper areas, combined with scattered areas of slightly more and sometimes almost full exposure.

CCC Random ExposureCCC Random ExposureCCC Random ExposureCCC Random ExposureCCC Random ExposureCCC Random Exposure


If your heart is set on achieving Random Exposure we can not stress enough that it all begins with THE SLAB! The slab must be poured as evenly as possible and have a burnished finish, achieved by multiple passes with the helicopter (powered trowel) by the concreter. The concreter must also take care to eliminate footprints and screed marks.

We then grind off enough to remove any humps and bumps, leaving a flat workable area, ready for sealing or commencing the polishing process. How much needs to be ground off is totally dependent on the quality of the slab. If the slab has not been well poured and finished off correctly we may have to grind back more, leaving you with both more aggregate exposure and additional cost than you might have anticipated. We shall confer with you or your nominated representative e.g. builder should this occur.

The beauty of random exposure is that adding to its character such oddities as screed marks might show and its patchy, motley appearance is of great appeal to many people. However, footprints, screed marks etc that do remain are pre-existing and the responsibility of the concreter, not CCC Polished Concrete.

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