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Warehouse Finish - for old slabs
(Old Concrete usually requires 3 mm to 4mm of grinding)

Warehouse Finish applies to slabs that are not new and have had damage from sealers, paint, self leveling compounds, weather, acids, oils or nail holes (where timber has been nailed to the floor and then pulled up, smoothedge from carpet), any kind of stains, tile glue or grout and cracking etc!

As we grind, any of the above and more will be revealed in older slabs, thus the name “Warehouse Finish” – meaning the finish is more like old, hand made bricks. As with the thumbprints that can often be seen in old bricks, you may even get a footprint or two! Full of character, this almost motely finish is usually enhanced by most sealers and different fillers we use creating some lighter and darker patches.

Almost all older slabs are finished with a sealer, and are not machine polished as the risk of hidden contaminants spoiling the finish is too high.

Old Concrete usually requires 3mm to 4mm of grinding, which will leave varying degrees of aggregate (pebble) exposure:

Warehouse Finish Old SlabsWarehouse Finish Old SlabsWarehouse Finish Old SlabsWarehouse Finish Old SlabsWarehouse Finish Old SlabsWarehouse Finish Old Slabs

RANDOM: Patchy exposure of aggregate.

FULL EXPOSURE: Ground to achieve as even an exposure of aggregate as the slab will allow. (some slabs will not have sufficient surface aggregate (stone) within the concrete in some areas preventing full exposure of aggregate)

Important to note that enough grinding must take place to create a workable surface. If further grinding is required to achieve this, more aggregate will be exposed than perhaps your preferred level. We shall consult with you and your builder should this occur.

Any one of the above exposure levels will reveal the hidden “treasures” that are unique to an older slab, making your Warehouse Finish just that – unique to you!

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