Polished Concrete Floors Melbourne

The Cost of Polished Concrete

Calculating the cost of polished concrete is quite variable. Our Melbourne based professional concrete polishing consultants take several factors into account when quoting on a job. For an existing concrete floor it really is imperative that an experienced concrete consultant examines the slab before making any final assessment. The surface condition of the concrete will tell us what treatment and processes are required to achieve the best outcome. Through an informed decision process we can work out how long the work will take and then quote for the labour and materials required accordingly.

No concrete slab is identical.

Concrete is an organic compound that cures under different environmental conditions and many variables are involved during the mixing, pouring and curing process. More importantly is the work of the concreter. The surface of every slab can be likened to a hand made product. Where one slab has a very course finish another may be fine, smooth or creamy. 

Where one concrete floor will require days of gradated grinding another concrete floor might only need a light grind to achieve a similar amount of exposure. In the latter case by examining your concrete our consultant can help you to save money or on the other hand warn you of any extra work that might be required. 

Calculating the Cost Of Polished Concrete

Based on the cost of various options and a discussion about the typical use of your floors a polished floor concrete consultant can guide you to the best approach toward achieving your expectations of the finished floor and to meet your budget. For example, a large factory or warehouse space that has a very well trowelled and finished new slab can be polished at a much lower per metre rate than a rough hewn slab of degraded old concrete.

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