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CCC Industrial/Commercial

A durable good looking surface for factories and large retail spaces*

Very large commercial areas like warehouses, factories and/or large retail spaces can look fantastic with correctly finished exposed concrete floors.

Although several very large and well known Australian retailers routinely opt for a low cost burnished floor finish, the initial savings are eroded with the ongoing maintenance cost of regular polishing (daily for retail) with an expensive to purchase industrial floor cleaning machine. Burnished floors are generally also unattractive in appearance

To address the need for a low cost industrial floor finish that looks good and that is easier to maintain than a burnished floor CCC Polished Concrete have introduced a polishing system specific to commercial situations.

Our industrial floor process essentially consists of a light machine grind, machine polish and then final finish with a penetrating sealer. The end result is a much better looking, harder wearing and lower maintenance floor than a typical grind and seal or burnished finish.

The level of machining and product used in this process will vary dependant on the type of useage i.e. a retail surface finish will be different than a welding factory or auto repair shop.


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