Polished Concrete Floors Melbourne

CCC Polished Concrete

A superb looking and durable finish. The ultimate floor.

Suitable for Full & Random Exposure

A beautiful durable and extremly scratch resistant finish that is low maintenance.

Suitable for homes, offices, factories and high traffic areas.

We can achieve a granite bench top like finish on the floor without using coatings or topical sealers.

A CCC Polished Concrete floor eliminates the need for the floor to be refinished with a sealer every few years.

This has nothing to do with paint coatings or sealers but is more like a polished gem stone finish.

Long lasting, durable, and beautiful to look at, CCC Polished Concrete is a complex polishing process developed over years of experience.

This ultimate floor finish is why CCC is seen as a leader in the field of polishing concrete.

CCC Full ExposureCCC Full ExposureCCC Full ExposureCCC Full ExposureCCC Full ExposureCCC Full ExposureCCC Full ExposureCCC Full Exposure

PROCEDURE: A 15 – 17 Step Process

1. Grind with 30 grit to achieve desired exposure and flatness
2. Grind with 60 grit to remove scratches
3. Grout using GTA100 and 120 grit to fill small holes and imperfections
4. Harden using GTA Liquid Densifier/Hardener applied by broom
5. Remove excess GTA Densifier/Hardener using 50 grit polishing pads
6. Apply lick coat of GTA Densifier/Hardener – allow to dry
7. Remove GTA Densifier/Hardener with 100 grit
8. Repeat 6 if required
9. Remove GTA Densifier/Hardener with 200 grit
10. Polish with 400 grit --- Matt Finish
11. Polish with 800 grit --- Satin Finish
12. Polish with 1500 grit
13. Polish with 3000 grit --- Full Gloss
14. Apply lick coat of GTA Enhancer – allow to dry
15. Buff off excess Enhancer

These steps are critical to the end result and the ability to “read” concrete is paramount.

We use the highest quality polishing pads and grinding heads as supplied by Grinding Tools Australia (GTA)

MAINTENANCE: Refer to Polished Concrete Maintenance Sheet for everyday and long term care.

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