Polished Concrete Floors Melbourne

Commercial Concrete Flooring Melbourne

Mechanically Polished Concrete Factory Floor

A commercial concrete floor finish to suit your installation and ongoing maintenance budget.

Commercial Flooring Maintenance Costs

The cost of ongoing maintenance needs to be taken into consideration when deciding on the type of finish for a commercial floor be it for a warehourse, large retail space, supermarket or showroom.

For example a linoleum floor is initally cheap to install however ongoing maintenance cost will inevitably incur costs more than double that of a machine polished concrete floor. Polished concrete typically takes half the time to clean and maintain returning a saving on labour and product.

Over several years this higher maintenance cost makes polished concrete a much more economical option. Not least that a polished concrete floor is also much more visually appealing for the long term.

Machine polished concrete flooring will also last for decades whereas a linoleum, carpet, tiled or epoxyed floor will need to be totally replaced in typically less than half that time if not sooner. Replacing a floor also requires a business to come to a stand still while all furnishings and appliances etc will need to be moved. Polished concrete saves the business from closure downtime.

The upshot is that a polished concrete floor although initally more expensive will work out cheaper than other finishes in the long term. Better flooring for a lower cost.

Commercial Flooring Finishes

We offer commercial clients a range of finishes and levels of exposure. One typically chooses a finish and exposure level for a commercial floor based on budget, work or sales environment, expected traffic and wear and tear, and visual appeal. Our consultant can help you decide on a finish that will be suitable for your operation.

The Best Floor For Your Commercial Property

Contact us for a quote on either new or existing commercial floors in the Melbourne and surrounding areas. Our team typically work in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs but we have no hesitation in sending our team to anywhere in Victoria and often into NSW.

Our experienced consultant will work out the best floor finish to suit your businesses requirements and budget.

Call our office on 1300 476 547 or showroom on 03 9761 5233 to discuss your exacting requirements or make an appointment.


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