Polished Concrete Floors Melbourne

Melbourne Performance Centre

Warehouse Finish – Machine Polished Concrete

A prestigious business needs a prestigious looking floor. The Melbourne Performance Centre have a high reputation for building, maintaining and managing some of the best high performance and race cars available. They are so good that they were recently invited to become one of only a few Audi Sport Customer Racing facilities outside of Germany.

After recently upgrading their operation from a 1200 square metre factory to a new 3200 square metre factory the choice of who to use to finish their floors was an important decision to make. The floors needed to be visually stunning to reflect the brand and standards of the business but needed also to be durable enough for an automobile workshop where cars are being worked on and trucks and forklifts are part of the daily wear and tear. Excellence was called for.

The end result saw CCC Polished Concrete produce a prestigious and durable finish that only a properly machine polished floor can achieve.

Many factory owners will skimp and opt for a lower quality machined or sealed finish howeve the Melbourne Performance Centre are 3200 square metres of full treatment machine polishing. A top class finish for a top class business.

Visitors are astonished with the glass like qualities of what would otherwise be a factory floor. The lustrous appearance has a mirror like quality and the reflections of the high performance racing cars reflect the classy reputation of the business. A quality floor that has the durability that will last the test of time,  industrial traffic and wear and tear.

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