Polished Concrete Floors Melbourne

CCC Polished Concrete Finishes

Level of grinding and final finishes. How much stone should be visible & how durable should a floor be?

Type of final exposure

Level of grinding required for your floor (how much stone do you want to see)

CCC Full Exposure

Full exposure of aggregate for those wanting a full stone affect.

CCC Random Exposure

Nil exposure to full exposure. Motley in colour and look, easy to live with and maintain, very popular as it has much character. Exposure rate of aggregate depends on the condition of the slab.

CCC Warehouse Finish

Typical warehouse finish. Ideal for older slabs that are susceptible to staining, cracking and other blemishes that have appeared over the years. A rusty, earthy type of look and feel.

CCC Light Random Exposure

Also referred to as surface polish or Salt and Pepper finish. This is where the least possible exposure of aggregate and sand is sought. Concrete must have been laid correctly by experienced concreters.

CCC Burnished Finish

Care needs to be taken not to confuse this finish with POLISHED CONCRETE that has a nil or salt and pepper finish. A highly, burnished finish is just cleaned and sealed! Neither does it have the durability of POLISHED CONCRETE.

Type of final surface finish

How durable a floor will be and what its texture will be like.

CCC Polished Concrete

In most cases the above surfaces can be finished using our top of the range concrete polishing system.

CCC Grind and Seal - Acrylic / Polyurethane or Epoxy

Acrylic sealer is available in either Acrylic, Epoxy or Polyurethane. Able to be used on all concrete surfaces, it comes in either Matt, Satin or Gloss.

CCC Acid Etch

CCC ACID ETCH not only has stylish appeal that enhances any outdoor area such as alfrescos, paths and driveways, but is NON SLIP making it perfect for around pools and eradicating the need for coping.

CCC Industrial/Commercial

To address the need for a low cost industrial floor finish that looks good and that is easier to maintain than a burnished floor CCC Polished Concrete have introduced a polishing system specific to commercial situations.


Please contact us for advise regarding pouring any slab where the floors are intended for polished concrete or check out our tips for concreters page.

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