Polished Concrete Floors Melbourne

Mission Statement



Our vision is for CCC Polished Concrete to be the leading name in quality and value for money in all concrete flooring options.


Our mission is to create a friendly environment focusing on outstanding levels of customer service, product quality and consistency on each project, and by offering customers a range of quality flooring options.


The CCC Polished Concrete team are:


We have a genuine desire to provide each and every customer with respect, courtesy and Enthusiasm from the moment the job is started to completion.

Build professional relationships built on honesty, integrity and our passion for excellence. We determine how we can best assist our customers by; providing information about our Products, being patient while customers decide what they want, and suggesting potential Alternatives to assist them with their decision.

We treat each and every customer in the manner that we expect to be treated when we Are a customer.


We are proud of the high standards of customer service and product quality we have Established, and will work tirelessly to maintain those standards.


We constantly seek to be informed and kept up to date with changes to the product range and By knowing the features of each and every product in the range.

We are encouraged to ask questions, to seek clarification and to have input, in order to better Understand all the aspects of our workplace.


A customer’s experience with CCC Polished Concrete will be determined through the involvement and Interaction of all the team. No matter what an individual’s role may be, it is the team effort That will make CCC Polished Concrete successful and make it a fun place to work.

The embedding of CCC Polished Concrete team culture and service standards is important to the success of the business and all those who work in the business. It is essential that senior and experienced staff recognise the important role we play in the development of our new team members. We fulfil this role by demonstrating the established service standards and team spirit through; our own behaviours, demonstrating patience, and providing guidance and positive feedback to new team members.

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