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The CCC Polished Concrete Showroom in Croydon

The CCC Polished Concrete team includes some of the most experienced and passionate floor grinding and polishing specialists in the business! Our team of concrete polishing professionals have collectively polished thousands of floors for many clients and in various applications around Australia.

We polish existing and new concrete floors using our state of the art equipment and knowledge.

We also recommend how to finish concrete slabs before you pour to ensure that you can achieve the type of finish you require.

We work for architects and premium house builders and produce exquisite finishes that meet client requirements.

We endorse and often work in conjuction with VicMix and Hanson Construction Materials. VicMix and Hanson are leading exposed mix concrete suppliers in Melbourne, Victoria.

Feel free to contact us for a quotation for any job whether it be a new or existing residential property, a large or small retail premise, a warehouse, large scale building or office tower.

To speak to an accredited concrete specialist or for information and a free quotation dial 1300 4 POLISH or call Rick on 0418 553 982

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