Polished Concrete Floors Melbourne

History of Polished Concrete

Old Egypt

Over 5000 years ago the Egyptians were using early forms of concrete to build pyramids.

The ancient Romans (4700 years later) used a material remarkably close to modern concrete to build many architectural marvels such as the Colesseum and Pantheon.

Back as far as 9000BC the first decorative form of concrete “terrazzo” was used in Neolithic buildings in Western Asia. Goats milk and bees wax were used as sealers to protect and add lustre.

The process of polishing concrete became far less labour intense with the development of grinding machinery and sophisticated sealers and indensifiers (hardeners).

The industry is now virtually able to offer any finish that architects, designers and home-owners desire.

It is not surprising that one of the strongest materials known to man has now become his favoured choice of flooring, for not only its beauty, but strength and durability.

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