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CCC Polished Concrete FAQs

We answer your questions about polished concrete floors, acid etching, maintenance, cleaning and more.

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Can I use a steam mop on my polished concrete floor?

No. A steam mop should never be used on a Polished Concrete floor.

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What are the most popular finishes chosen from your warehouse?

The most popular finish is generally Full Exposure Gloss Polished Concrete.

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What other factors/variables to do with the cement layer and concreter are important for ensuring the polished concrete job is finished perfectly?

New home builders should consult with their concrete polisher to ensure that their slab is poured with concrete polishing in mind.

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How should customers think about the costs involved with choosing to polish concrete?

Home owners should consider the long term benefits of Polished Concrete when considering the total cost of their floor finishes.

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What tips would you give in order to ensure the job is done smoothly and correctly?

Regular contact should be made between the builder or owner/builder and the concrete polisher to ensure polishing can commence and be completed at the right stages of the project.

How does the process differ from having tiled, carpeted, or timber floors?

In a new build polished concrete floors are completed at the plaster stage before any skirts, cabinetry and joinery is installed.

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What sorts of questions should people ask before choosing a polished concrete floor?

The home owner should consulate with a professional concrete polisher to decide on how much aggregate/stone should be visible.

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What is the standard process for residential customers choosing polished concrete floors?

For new houses the type of aggregate and concrete colour should be decided before the slab is poured.

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What areas on a residential property are best for polished floors and for what style of house?

All areas of a house can be polished. The polishing process can be applied to any house, new or old, that was built on a concrete slab.

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