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Can a concrete floor be damaged and subsequently repaired?

A concrete floor though very hard and durable is not completely invincible. A floor can be damaged, for example, should someone hit the floor with a chisel. Sometimes, particularly if a slab was poured incorrectly with too wet a mix, a piece of aggregate (small stone) may become dislodged from the finished surface after a certain amount of time.

Small holes in the surface caused by accidental damage and dislodged stones can be rectified in a number of ways dependant on the size of the damage. Essentially we will fill the hole or damaged area with either a colour matched epoxy type or concrete based filler and then lightly buff. The type of filler and colour we use is determined by the colour of the mix and/or aggregate.

Due to the variable mix of colours and textures within concrete it is important to understand that colour matching a polished cocnrete floor can be challenging. Colour matching cannot be compared to getting a paint sample from the paint shop and repairing a damaged paint job!

In some instances the concrete polisher might use a dark coloured filler to try and make the repair look like the colour of the aggregate. Other times we will use a light coloured filler to try and match the colour of the concrete.

The results of repairs are usually visible particularly if the hole is larger than 10mm. The surface finish will be smooth however colour variations are to be expected.

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