Polished Concrete Floors Melbourne

How do I care for and maintain a polished concrete floor once I am living on it?

Your floor should be maintained on a regular basis by vacuuming and cleaning in the following manner.

To bucket of warm water, add the recommended amount of Grinding Tools Australia Tough Green Cleaner (or neutral ph non-acid based or citrus based cleaner), and mop floor with a microfibre mop. The floor should be damp for the shortest time possible. This will leave the floor clean & streak free.

This simple cleaning should be carried out as required to keep the floor looking its best.

Avoid cleaning with any other products as this may cause rejection of coating when maintenance is required.

At no point should a Steam Mop be used on a Polished Concrete floor nor the use of harsh chemicals such as bleach, citrus products or oils. A microfibre mop is all that is required in conjunction with water or a neutral ph cleaner.

Maintenance Sheet

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