Polished Concrete Floors Melbourne

Ringwood Aquatic Centre

CCC Acid Etched Strips

750 square metres of acid etching surrounding the Ringwood Aquatic Centre (Aquanation).

CCC ACID ETCH has stylish appeal that enhances any outdoor area such as alfrescos, pool surrounds, paths and driveways. Where CCC non-slip differs from similar outdoor finishes is that it is very kind to bare feet & skin. With minimal care the surface will remain smooth and look new for years to come.

We applied the CCC Acid Etch treatment to 750 square metres of concrete strips surrounding the Ringwood Aquatic Centre.

The building team helped out by pouring the concrete strips first so that we could machine grind and apply our acid etch treatment without the danger of grinding or applying acid over the untreated concrete strips. After the Acid Etching treatment was completed the strips were then protected with plastic and the plain red mix concrete strips were poured and troweled.

These photos give a good indication of the process and the final finish. Note that these photos taken only a week after the opening and some of the areas are still dusty from where holes have been drilled for signage and seating. Nothing that a good rain will not cure!

Also note that CCC Acid Etching also works very well surrounding an indoor or outdoor swimming pool as it is non-slip.