Polished Concrete Floors Melbourne

Parkdale - Jiminy Kitchen

Warehouse Finish – Polished Concrete

Jiminy Kitchen is a cafe in Parkdale in a 90 year old building that the proprietor, Jim, has transformed into an exquisite, modern looking cafe.

We transformed the old slab into a CCC machine ground polished concrete "Warehouse Finish".

A slab this old will generally have "character flaws" however in the current epoch, when polished, the end result is what is now regarded as a contemporary, modern floor.

With its natural fractal like spread of aggregate exposure and varying colours derived from historic concrete aging and seperate sections of concrete slab poured at different times, the floor looks very cool and adds character to the cafe's modern decor. The main slab is at least 90 year's old while other sections were poured closer to 20 years ago.

Machine ground Polished Concrete, when done well like this, has not only more appeal than a tiled floor but is also functionally perfect for a cafe or restaurant where hygiene is required.

Jim opted for our machine ground polished concrete floors over the lower cost grind and seal finish for the extra durability that can handle the many years of cleaning, scraping chairs and foot traffic expected in a busy cafe.

Visit Jiminy Kitchen at 260 Como Parade, Parkdale to get a great coffee and something to eat and while you are there check out a CCC Polished Concrete warehouse finish floor!