Polished Concrete Floors Melbourne

Nuts and Bolts Seeded into Concrete Floor


The CCC team arrived at a new job to what they thought would be a typical machine ground, full exposure task.

The first realisation that something about the job was different was when our machine operator heard a "ping" sound as a washer came loose and rocketed across the room!

The team then realised that the slab had been seeded with an assortment of nuts and washers.

The outcome was that the nuts worked well as they embed well into the concrete and we were able to grind them down flat, smooth and then polish them seamlessly with the rest of the surface. The washers on the other hand were problematic. Because the washers are so thin they can tend to break away and lift off the concrete.


Do you have any tips about seeding a slab with pieces of glass and/or bottles?