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Do you have any tips about seeding a slab with pieces of glass and/or bottles?

Smooth objects and/or objects that sit on the top of a slab might become dislodged from a polished floor leaving a hole.

When seeding a freshly poured concrete slab with glass and other interesting or colourful objects one must consider the chance that these items might become dislodged during the polishing process or over time, particularly if struck by a chair leg or if something heavy is dropped onto it.

To make seeded objects more durable, particularly glass and bottles, it is a good idea to rough them up before seeding into the mix. This way the concrete will grip the item better. One method for roughing up glass objects is by tossing them in a bricklayer's concrete mixer with crushed rock and sand.

If hand seeding try to push a smooth object in vertically rather than laying them flat. Achieving a suitable level of depth for the desired exposure will bond a seeded item well so it cannot move during grinding, polishing and long into the life of the slab. Seeding is not an exact science however CCC are always happy to discuss creative ideas like this with a client before a slab is poured.

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