Polished Concrete Floors Melbourne

I have polished floors in my home which is now 9 years old. I would love to buff my floor up to give it back it's shine and get rid of some scratches etc. Do you do ths type of work?

We certainly do perform this type of work however your question raises several important other questions and considerations.


The approach to revitalising a polished concrete floor depends very much on what type of finish the original floor was completed as.

If the existing floor was prepared as a grind and seal the existing sealer may need to be removed through a light grind, the floor then buffed and a new coat of sealer applied. In some cases, where the type/brand of sealer original used is known we might be able get away with a light buff and then a re-application of sealer.

On the other hand if the floor was original machine ground (as per the CCC Polished Concrete process) you are in luck as a machine ground floor is extremely durable and your floor may only need a light buff.

In both cases if your slab has cracked or has any damage to it our team, in consultation with you, can fill in (grout) the area before the revitalisation process commences.

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