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What exactly is a warehouse finish and can it be used in a home?

The warehouse finish is typically used for any pre-existing or "old" slab.

An old concrete slab may have water or other chemical or metallic stains which have saturated well into the concrete. Old slabs might also be characterised by a very random spread of aggregate exposure and cracks or residue deeply embedded in it including the chemical marks from previously tiled surfaces etc. There are a number of other surprises that the renovator will find after removing carpet or tiles including several different slabs with different ages that wer poured in different years which may or may not be totally level and may have different colour tonalities and aggregate mixes. The warehouse finish can be perfect for this type of application also!

CCC will grind old concrete to a very smooth finish however deep stains and imperfections will remain and be visible under the polished surface.

The end result is your classic warehouse finish where some of the imperfections remain leaving a rustic, industrial look which is often the desired effect.

Warehouse finishes are smooth, durable floors with visual variations that you often see in caf├ęs, restaurants, art galleries, workshops, renovated homes or anywhere desired.

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