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Can I have CCC Acid Etch applied to the old concrete that surrounds my swimming pool?

Yes. Old concrete can be refurbished into something fresh and new looking as well as deleivering a pleasant to walk on and touch outdoor area. A site inspection will confirm the level of exposure that can be achieved and if any issues would need to be discussed.

Can I have tiled areas interspersed with Acid Etch concrete?

Yes this is quite common. The interaction of different surfaces is very appealing for outdoor areas and is more freqnetly specified by architects and landscape designers.

How does CCC acid etch compare with pebble mix?

There are two types of pebble mix. One is the old glue on type and the other is what is often called exposed pebble mix.

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Is the CCC Acid Etch procedure dangerous?

Acid Etching should be completed by a trained professional. Note that there is no acid left at the end of the procedure. The final finish is a remarkable non slip surface that is pleasant to look at, touch and walk on.

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