Polished Concrete Floors Melbourne

Does Polished Concrete get hot on barefeet if used outdoors by a pool that gets direct sunlight?

In answer to the first part of this you can't really have polished concrete outdoors as it will get too slippery when wet.

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Can you polish our driveway or outside paths and verandah?

Yes we most certainly can and they wear really well. Outdoor areas and driveways can be finished in a number of ways including CCC Acid Etch or with a matt penetrating sealer. A non slip finish can be added to some sealers.

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Can you polish our concrete benches near our BBQ?

Concrete Benches at the BBQ come up fantastic, they wear well outside in the weather. They also tolerate heat really well.

Can Polished Concrete be used externally in an Alfresco area or driveway?

There are two options for external finishes, either CCC Acid Etch or sealed with either an external penetrating or topical sealer.

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