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What is the difference between grind and seal and machine polished concrete?

The grind and seal process is very similar to how wooden floor boards are finished. i.e. grind/sand to a smooth finish and then paint with a sealer. Where a timber floor is sanded and then sealed, a concrete floor is ground smooth with specialist grinding machinery.

A CCC Polished Concrete machine finish is a much more complex procedure involving up to 15 stages. The final finish is more like a granite bench top.

How do I care for my concrete floor if it has been done as a grind and seal job?

Your floor should be maintained on a regular basis by vacuuming and cleaning in the following manner: To bucket of warm water, add recommended amount of “Tough Green” Cleaner (or low ph cleaner), and mop floor with a microfibre mop.

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What is the difference between CCC Polished Concrete and Grind and Seal?

CCC Polished Concrete is a top of the range method for finishing concrete floors.

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What happens if someone spills petrol or turps on a Grind and Seal or a Hyperfloor?

Wipe as soon as possible with a damp cloth.

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