How long does the process take? Polish concrete for an existing concrete bathroom floor 5.73m2

Thanks for your question. There are quite a few variables here and without more detailed information we can only provide you with a fairly general answer.

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We have a 13 year old polished concrete floor. In our high traffic areas, mainly the kitchen, the floor has lost its beauty & is looking dull. Is it possible to re polish a concrete floor?

The approach on rejuvenating your floor initally depends if the original floor was machine polished or if it was a grind and seal job.

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Our potential builder has said they don't offer polished concrete flooring and if we want it - we'd have to organise after handover - is that a possible option?

Yes it is! As long as your new house is built on a concrete slab it can be polished.

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Is it possible to stain and polish concrete? (dark grey)

Yes. It is possible but the process can be expensive as far as the cost of the stain is concerned and the area of the slab.

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Can concrete flooring be put over ceramic tiles in kitchen and bathrooms and how do you clean it?

If you have an existing concrete slab you can certainly remove the existing floor tiles and then Mechanically Polish the concrete slab.

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We have a garage with a maroon type colour concrete floor. It has a few paint stains etc on it. I was thinking of giving it a good sanding, with some type of machine no doubt & then painting some kind of clear sealer on it. Can any concrete floor be sande

Yes, any concrete floor can be ground and sealed or mechanically polished.

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Do you have any tips about seeding a slab with pieces of glass and/or bottles?

Smooth objects and/or objects that sit on the top of a slab might become dislodged from a polished floor leaving a hole.

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I have polished floors in my home which is now 9 years old. I would love to buff my floor up to give it back it's shine and get rid of some scratches etc. Do you do ths type of work?

We certainly do perform this type of work however your question raises several important other questions and considerations.

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Can the new polished floor get damaged after its polished during the rest of the build?

On completion of machine polishing the floors we recommend to cover with Ramboard™ Floor Protection until the end of the build.

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Do I need to advise the concreter and or supplier that the concrete will be polished?

Yes, this will avoid the concrete supplier from sending truck deliveries from different depots and using different batches of concrete. The concreter can then also take special care to avoid screed marks and aggregate inconsistency.

Yes, this will avoid the concrete supplier from sending truck deliveries from different depots and using different batches of concrete.

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